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If your question is, “How can I maximise my return on investment?”, Empty Trips is the answer.

We believe that no trip should be an empty one. That’s why we developed Africa’s first fully digital end-to-end logistics marketplace. Our collaborative Empty Trips platform is where shippers and transport carriers can connect, bid for cargo, execute, monitor and administer all transit processes quickly, seamlessly and transparently. It’s your route to faster logistics, better economics and a much lighter carbon footprint…all for better sustainability.


Empty Trips gives you instant access to a large fleet of reputable transporters via Africa’s only truly digital end-to-end 4PL platform. By making use of our digital platform you can safely find carriers, transact securely, significantly lower your transport costs, save wasted road miles, conclude administration immediately, and manage your contract seamlessly and transparently.

  • Match: Our on-demand marketplace algorithms will match your cargo to carriers with open space – where and when you need it
  • Auction: Auction your cargo to vetted bidders for the best deal and speedy processing
  • Manage: Monitor your deliveries in real time, receive instant proof of delivery and consolidate invoices and payments via our platform

Swap your backhaul for benefits With Empty Trips, you can easily find cargo to fill your assets – which means you maximise your trip’s profitability and help reduce unnecessary carbon emissions at the same time! You can even sub-contract when you need to, making your fleet replenishment decisions that much easier.

  • Match: Our deckspace and directional algorithms will find cargo for your route when and where you need it.
  • Bid: Bid for new business securely and anonymously. Set your own rates.
  • Secure: We'll make sure you are paid every time, on time.

A revolutionary way to move your goods that is efficient, reliable, transparent and sustainable


Capacity matching and market balancing


Open/closed bidding to encourage multiple offers and reduce costs


Secure online payment gateway via Rand Merchant Bank (RMB)


  • Sign upRegister your free account

    Create a free account with Empty Trips – whether you are a shipper or a carrier

  • ManageManage your account

    From your dashboard you can edit your account details, add sub-users and even track your trips

  • PostPost on the Empty Trips platform

    When you have cargo to move, or empty space you want cargo to fill, click 'Post a new trip exchange', add the details of the cargo/existing trip, and we'll do the rest

  • MonitorStay updated

    We will update you by email on all available trips daily...so your finger is never far from the pulse