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Welcome to the world of EmptyTrips
Find out how we get your business on the road, smartly.


Instantly access a large fleet of reputable transporters via Africa’s only truly digital end-to-end 4PL platform. Securely. Digitally. Empty Trips powers a revolutionary open exchange platform - the fastest way to match space in a direction, bid or share cargo and space. Click on shippers and carriers below for detail on services.

  • Access: Over 3600 trucks, on various routes at competitive or empty rates
  • Match: Our marketplace will match potential carriers to meet your transport needs
  • Maximise: Our on-demand marketplace algorithms will match your cargo to carriers
  • Grow: Auction your cargo to vetted bidders for the best deal and speedy processing via our comprehensive 4PL platform
The always-on, sustainable way to share space

  • Replenish: Replenish and grow your fleet without the associated investment burden. Expand your fleet size using vetted sub-contractors
  • Reduce: Reduce peak-season fleet constraints and cut down on empty road miles, saving costs and ..carbon emissions
  • Expand: Outsource and sub-contract securely with our fully-vetted transporters
The always-on, sustainable way to share space